Although Julie Bond Rhyne has been teaching Pilates for more than 20 years, she has many additional talents listed in her resume. She has performed on Broadway, toured the world with Latin superstar Luis Miguel, sung on numerous albums (including her own solo CD), and appeared in major motion pictures. “Yet none of this compares to the personal joy I get from helping transform people’s lives with this amazing workout,” says Julie.

The training method at X-Treme Pilates addresses three important aspects of health and fitness; strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular conditioning. This unique combination of traditional Pilates, ballet barre and hard core training results in an amazingly rapid improvement of health and fitness. X-Treme Pilates clients from all walks of life now walk with the rockin’ bodies they’ve always dreamed of. “Our clients range in age from teens to grandmothers who haven’t worked out in 30 years,” says Julie. “We are also training more men and even pro athletes lately. This workout is for everyone, and it’s a lot of fun as well! No one sticks with a dull, repetitous routine for very long!”

Her dance background prepared Julie well for her role as a visionary Pilates instructor. At X-Treme Pilates the focus is both physical and aesthetic. “As a choreographer, my role in teaching a group of dancers to execute precise, controlled movement directly mirrors my role as a Pilates instructor. We all work together in a class, striving to feel and embody the exercises while performing them in a graceful manner. It’s really quite beautiful when a class begins to understand the movements. I witness the steady, weekly progress my students make in the same way as professional dancers learn their choreography. We also utilize custom music mixes to orchestrate the flow of the movements as we do in professional choreography.”

X-Treme Pilates has a dynamic team of dedicated teachers for whom Julie provides continuing education. The best instructors are knowledgeable in anatomy, biomechanics, postural analysis, breath, mat and reformer techniques, ballet barre, repertoire and flow. “My goal,” Julie explains, “is to create the ultimate workout integrating all the best workout modalities to create long/lean sculpted muscles with flexibility and wellness at the forefront.”

Because of their busy lifestyles X-Treme Pilates clients want results fast. They aim to achieve the kind of results they would experience with a personal trainer. Class size is limited to 9 so that every student receives personal attention to their specific needs. The comprehensive approach of Julie’s training strategy provides students with an exceptional, fun and affordable workout.

“The biggest reward for me is the many letters I get from clients who feel this training has totally changed their lives for the better. Clients constantly tell me how their everyday activities have been enhanced by the strength and postural awareness they’ve gained, as well as the inches they’ve lost. I love hearing how their horseback riding, tango dancing, go cart racing or even just bending over to pick up a grocery bag feels so much better now. They’re learning to feel at home and properly aligned in their bodies, often for the first time. Nothing feels better than feeling that you’ve made a positive difference in someone’s life.”