Summer is just right around the corner, which means it’s getting ultra warm! We tend to feel lethargic and unfocused when we don’t drink enough water, especially in the heat. If you’re sick of drinking liters of plain water everyday, try Fusion water! Fusion water is such a simple and refreshing way to spice up your daily drinks without feeling like a chore.

The formula is simple – pitcher of filtered water, thinly sliced fruits, herbal leaves, thinly sliced vegetables, all of choice – and that’s it! Adjust amount of ingredients according to desired taste. Here are some of our favorites –

1. Strawberry, Lemon, and Basil

2. Watermelon and Mint

3. Orange and Cilantro
citrus cilantro

Enjoy a glass of your favorite fusion water at home, take a bottle to work, or fill it up with ice and take it to the gym for a nice refresher!