Frequently Asked Questions

If you are new to Pilates, we do recommend a Private or a Beginner class regardless of your fitness level. We want to ensure you get the terminology, sequencing, and correct form down so you can get the most from your classes.
Wear clothes that you usually wear to the gym—something comfortable and easy to move in. For guys, gym pants or long shorts are recommended. For better form, safety and hygiene, we do require everyone wear non-slip grip socks during class. If you do not bring your own, these socks are for sale at the studio. A hand towel is recommended as you will most likely sweat!
There is street parking around the studio and also several park garages.
We must ask that you not bring your little ones. This is for their safety and to ensure safe, fun workouts for all by minimizing distractions for both trainers and clients.
Click SIGN UP. Then either:
1. Click on the Sign Up or Waitlist Now bubble next to the class you desire.
2. Click the ONLINE STORE tab in the upper right corner. Follow the prompts! It’s simple! You must make a purchase before you are able to book a class.
If a spot opens up more than 24 hours before class, you will automatically be added to that class and sent a conformation email BUT DO NOT DEPEND ON THAT EMAIL as there are always spam problems, junk mail issues, and email server hiccups and crashes. Please log in and check your schedule to make sure you are enrolled!

This procedure protects you from being added to a class that you may no longer be able to attend, avoiding possible Late Cancel / No Show fees.

If you Reserve / Wait List yourself for more than one class in a day, or more than is ultimately allowed by your current package. You are responsible for the purchase of and any cancellation penalties for all classes that you reserve and get bumped into from the Wait Lists.
Changes to your reservation can only be made if it is before the 24 hour cancellation window. You cannot move out of a class into another class at a later time without incurring a late cancel or No Show Fee.

To make changes, sign in to your account, click on the “My Info” tab, then click “My Schedule” and choose whatever action you’d like. To remove yourself from a Wait List, click on “Wait List” near the upper right of the page.
You must cancel yourself Online at least 24-hours in advance from the class you can’t attend to avoid any penalty. When you Late Cancel (i.e. canceling online less than 24-hours in advance of the class you can’t attend) one class credit is deducted from your Series or Package, no additional fee applies. When you No Show (i.e. failing to show up for any reserved class and failing to cancel Online), a $25 No Show Fee will apply, but you will retain the class credit for use during your current Series or Package.

The Late Cancel Policy is in place for two key reasons:
1. It serves as a positive motivator to attend the classes you reserve and get your outstanding results.
2. It also serves as a Good Neighbor policy -- because there are a limited number of spots in each class, we want to make sure that as many clients as possible are able to take the classes they want. When clients cancel with less than 24-hours notice or fail to show up, they have prevented other clients from taking that particular spot in class.

Are there any exceptions to the late cancel policy?
This is a "no exceptions" policy for the reasons stated above. If you have a true emergency, please cancel yourself out of the class online (if possible), and send us an email letting us know what has occurred. We will do our best to make an occasional exception for emergency circumstances.
Schedule opens up on the 20th of each month for the following month.
All Monthly Auto Renew packages must be used within 30 days of your monthly term (contract start date determines your monthly term).
All packages must be used within 30 days of your 1st booked class. No Exceptions! Please don’t ask.
The Monthly Auto Renew is a month to month contract that can be cancelled at ANYTIME by emailing us 5 days prior to your next credit card charge. There are no long term commitments or hassles.
You can freeze whole calendar months. Just send us an email 5 days prior to your next credit card charge.

Please note there are no partial month freezes. If you know you’re going to miss 2 weeks of your monthly term, our suggestion is to change to a package with fewer classes.
No problem. Just send us an email requesting a package change (5 days before your next credit card charge) and we’ll handle it for you.
It begins on your contract start date. When you purchase your Auto Renew it will ask you when you’d like your contract start date to begin. This will determine your “monthly” term and the date your card will be charged each month.

Example: You purchased an 8 class per month Auto Renew and set your contract start date for 2/15/16. That means you have from 2/15/16 - 3/14/16 to use your 8 classes.
No. The Monthly Auto Renew allows you to sign up for your classes before your credit card is charged. As soon as your credit card charge goes through those “unpaid” classes will be reconciled.
We have $16 Add On Classes available exclusively for our Auto Renew Clients.
No. We will handle it for you.
We wait until you’ve taken all of your allotted “Monthly Auto Renew classes”, then charge you as you complete the additional Add On classes.
Log in to your XTP account, select “My Info” then select my “Schedule”. This will tell you how many classes you’ve taken / reserved.
Yes! We are happy to accommodate all you expecting mothers. We require that you be a currently active member of the studio (taking group classes or privates at the studio), or have been taking reformer pilates classes regularly somewhere else prior to attending XTP. You will also need to bring a doctor's note with you to give to the instructor on your first class attending while pregnant. Your doctor's note should include that you are clear for exercise and to attend reformer pilates classes. If you are brand new to reformer pilates, we request that you please take some initial private sessions before attending group classes so you are familiar enough with the machinery, form and technique to be able to make modifications and to make sure it is safe and comfortable for you and your baby to attend the group classes. How many privates needed will be determined by your instructor.
You must be at least 15 years of age to attend group classes. Anyone under 18 must have consent and signature of parent or legal guardian.
If you're currently on active Auto Renew, this usually just means that you have used up your current allotment of classes in your package for that billing cycle or are trying to schedule beyond your current cycle end date. However, we've made it so that anyone on Auto Renew may schedule as many classes as they like with no limit. When prompted to apply payment or package, simply select the term "Register as Unpaid". This will allow you to keep booking classes beyond your current allotment or your current term end date.
This may be a simple task of synching your account with the app. For iPhones: 1. Tap More at the bottom of the screen. 2. Select Settings. 3. Tap the Send button under Verification Email. 4. Now check your email Inbox for the verification email -it should arrive within a few minutes. For Androids: 1. Tap the Menu icon at the top left corner of your screen. 2. Select Settings from the navigation menu. 3. Tap the Send button under Email Verification. 4. Now check your email Inbox for the verification email -it should arrive within a few minutes.