The sun is shining, the days are longer, and the flowers are blooming here in California. It’s already Spring, getting closer and closer to summer time. Have you stuck to your goals from the start of the New Year? Working towards that „Summer“ body? If you’ve lost your groove, here are 5 Tips on how to „Spring“ into your fitness routine!

Hydrate! – Now that the weather is getting warmer, it’s easy to feel lazy and lethargic. It’s so important to stay hydrated not only feel alert, but to feel energized physically and mentally to get you through yourworkouts. When you’re home, pop a glass of cold water for a refreshing break. On the go? Take a 1 Liter water bottle everywhere with you to ensure that you’re drinking a sufficient amount of water!

Sleep! – „Sleep when you’re dead“ does not apply when it comes to your fitness goals and well being. Losing that one hour of sleep can be rough on everyone, so taking the time to get your tasks done before the end of the evening will ensure you at least 8 hours of sleep to kick start the following day.

Switch it up! – Have you fallen into the same routine since the beginning of the year and feel no change? That’s what we call „plateau.“ Re-evaluate your workout and eating routine and shake it up a bit! Along with your Pilates classes, take a morning hike on the beautiful mountains we live on. Take a walk to your favorite coffee shop, or ride a bike along the beach. No matter what, stay active!

Eat for Energy! – Fueling our bodies with the right foods will help sustain your energy through the rest of the day. Can’t decide what to eat and what’s healthy? If it grows from the Earth and goes bad in a week, you’re doing it right!

„Me“ Time! – It’s easy to burn out with work, exercise, eating well, life, etc. Take some time for YOU! Little did we know, our life needs spring cleaning around this time of year. Treat yourself to a massage once a month, go to the beach and read a book, or go on a beautiful hike on your own to rediscover those goals we lost touch with.

What are you waiting for? Wake up and Spring Forward to what’s ahead!