This place is amazing. I bought the Groupon for 10 classes over a month period. I have to admit, I was extremely frightened to attend the classes (anything with extreme in the name seems intimidating). However, while the classes are challenging, the instructors do a wonderful job of helping each individual student reach his or her limit. I’ve only been taking classes since September, but I can already see a huge difference in my body makeup and strength. What’s more, I actually feel relaxed and energized after leaving these classes. I’ve had classes with most of the instructors, and each is wonderful. I’m now taking three classes a week. I look forward to each class. Each class is different, never repetitive. Julie has been amazing in terms of customer service. I purchased a few memberships at once and she called me to make sure I hadn’t signed up or clicked twice in error. I cannot recommend X-treme Pilates highly enough.

Laura R.