Julie Bond Rhyne – Master Trainer – Los Angeles – Vienna

In addition to her 20+ years as a Pilates Instructor, Julie is also a Broadway performer, singer, dancer, actor and choreographer.  Starting ballet at age 4 introduced her to the miraculous world of movement and body awareness.   At age 15 she was asked to join the Houston Civic Ballet Company and has been in awe of the bodies capabilities ever since.  She began her long journey with Pilates in 1988 – “I thought it was going to be just another workout program and boy was I wrong”. There is a reason why professional dancers, athletes and those with injuries seek out Pilates…..It works!!  By reeducating the musculature system you restore balance and proper firing patterns, thereby creating wellness and an optimal physique”. 

For the past 3 years, Julie has created Pilates and Fitness Teacher Training programs along with Workshops that include: “Anatomy”, “Biomechanics”, “Postural Analysis”, “Breath: The Foundation of Fitness”, “Pilates in the Fitness World” and “Repertoire and Flow”.  She has taught Pilates for Nashiville Ballet, Angel City Body Kinetics, Paramount Studios, Circuit Pilates, and Concentric Pilates Studio. Her motivation to create X-Treme Pilates evolved from her vision of a welcoming high energy space, where all could achieve their full potential. Julie continues to expand her knowledge and is 100% dedicated to giving her clients the best possible training experience.

Julie’s Certifications include:

  • Long Beach Dance Conditioning Studio and Movement Academy by Marie-Jose Blom.
  • Core Beginnings, Advances in Pilates Technique, Decrees distinction in Mat, Reformer, Trapeze Table, Chair, Small Barrels.
  • All training Integrates progressions and adaptations to meet the demands of biomechanics of dance-technical training, body conditioning, and the design of remedial programs.

Jennifer Vincent – Los Angeles

Jennifer is a true athlete, starting her competitive softball and soccer career at the young age of 5. She discovered Pilates during her junior year at Florida State University, and it quickly became her passion. She received her Pilates Trainer Certification in November of 2013. Jennifer enjoys taking classes as much as teaching, and is an avid participant in many facets of fitness. Jennifer encourages her clients to stay active and maintain proper nutrition as a key component of optimal body function. Her work ethic and dedication combined with her caring nature makes her a natural instructor. Jennifer has an infectious smile and boundless energy. Don’t let the smile fool you; she’s happy, but she’s tough. You’ll leave class with a smile all your own, because you’ll have worked out hard. And you’ll have sweat on your back to prove it!

Renee Shumate – Los Angeles

A healthy lifestyle has always been an essential priority for lifelong Glendale resident, Renee Shumate. Family and friends will often hear her say, „Every day you should eat something that grows from the ground.“ Renee became a Pilates believer by transforming her own body with this amazing workout, and she can testify to its undeniable physical and emotional benefits.

Renee received her Pilates Certification from Sebastein Lagree and has since continued her education by studying with master trainer Marie- Jose-Blom, Kendel Pink, and Alicia Head from Long Beach Dance Conditioning. She has also trained with PMA master trainer Julie Bond Rhyne in „Functional Anatomy“, „Anatomy; the Foundation of Fitness“, and „Biomechanics in Reformer Repertoire“.

She has a deep desire to share this method with others, helping them to discover greater body awareness while providing challenging workouts for any fitness level. „I’m passionate about paying it forward. I know, firsthand, the positive impact of this workout. It’s the ideal combination of strengthening, stretching and connecting mind to body. It is movement with focused intention. I believe that true well-being is the balance of exercising the mind, body and spirit in an effort to reach perfect harmony.“ Renee hopes to contribute to your journey and empower you to achieve your best body. She’s honored and excited to be part of the X-Treme Pilates team.

Andreas Beckett – Los Angeles

Originally from Germany, Andreas has had a multitude of physical and professional accomplishments. In addition to being classically trained in Pilates, he proudly adds: Six Time National Champion in the Junior League Ice Hockey for Germany, World Champion of Swing Dancing Acrobatics (Germany), founding member of Antigravity Dance Co (New York), figure skating coach for Wollman Rink (New York), USA Gymnastics Coach (New York), and is a professional dancer in ballet, broadway and ballroom.

With a love and excitement of helping people reach their full potential, he first trained in Pilates with Romona Krysanowska in New York to learn to rehabilitate injuries and then later with Rudi Martinez, the founder of Pure Body Movement Pilates (Munich, Germany). He can describe his group classes as athletic, focused and fun.

Andreas is certified to teach in Pilates on all apparatuses (mat, reformer, ladder barrel and electric chair) receiving his certifications from Pure Body Movement. He is very excited to now be apart of the X-Treme Pilates team and is looking forward to his time spent here with you all.

Lulu Martinez – Los Angeles

Lulu Martinez is a native Angeleno who became an advocate for health and fitness at an early age, due to being raised by an athlete. She has always been fascinated by holistic health and Eastern medicine, which led her to enroll at the National Holistic Institute. After being a massage therapist for seven years she began to explore other healing  modalities, due to a sports injury. Lulu found Pilates to be grounding, healing, challenging, body transforming, and the perfect addition to her massage practice. Since completing training with Risa Shepard at „Shepard Method Pilates“ in 2009, Lulu has worked for chiropractors, healing centers, Pilates studios, and her own private practice. „I find Pilates to be both personally empowering and the most disciplined fitness program I have ever encountered. Whether you’re an athlete, dancer working through an injury, busy Mom, or simply a fitness enthusiast, I believe Pilates is for everyone. My mission is to teach classes with the intention helping my clients to feel interconnected with their bodies, health, stress  relief, and self awareness.“ She has several years of experience in fitness, physical therapy, and holistic nutritional consulting. Lulu is very enthusiastic about joining the X-Treme Pilates Team, and looks forward to meeting everyone.

Lauren Thomas – Los Angeles

Working at the YMCA for nearly a decade, Lauren found her passion in working with others and staying active. Health and wellness are a huge part of her life. Growing up in soccer and cross country, she found her favorite form of exercise to be Pilates. She believes it to be transformative to anyone who sticks to it. Aware of both mind and body wellness, she wishes to give back to others what Pilates has given to her. Receiving her education from Balanced Body and working with Master Trainer Julie Bond Rhyne, Lauren is excited for the times to come spent as an instructor here at X-Treme Pilates!