I have been really enjoying my classes at X-Treme Pilates! This past Sunday I had a fantastic technique class with Ricky and want to say how impressed I am with him as an instructor. His attention to detail, his variation of exercises and how attentive he was to making sure each of us were doing things correctly was superb. Please tell him thank you from me. Thanks!

Jeannie D.

Have been doing this workout now for about 5 months. It is THE BEST!!! When I lost 30+ lbs, last year I looked for a workout program which would help me comfortably maintain my new fit 50+ body and offer more of a physical challenge. This is the perfect workout!!! It works you REALLY HARD but doesn’t endanger joints. My core has never been this strong! Plus, most instructors rate an A+!!!. Julie is beyond fabulous…a proverbial “ Pilates Phd.“ if you will!! And Marivi is right up there with her!! One piece of advice….take the Techniques Class before you jump into the Full Body workout. You will feel much more comfortable with the „lingo“ and the equipment as the use of the reformer is very different from the traditional Pilates workout.

Kristin K.

I love this studio! Every instructor is excellent but has their own unique style. If you want to tone your core, improve your posture, and develop elongated muscles, this is the place!

Anonymous: From the Groupon Website

Best overall body workout and great professional, experienced instructors.- Highly recommend.

Groupon Website Feedback

This studio is outstanding. I work with Julie Bond, an owner and master teacher. She’s a total pro at understanding bodies and coaching in a really clear and effective way to increase toning, strength and endurance. And it’s fun mixing traditional pilates, barre work, and fitness routines to awesome music that gets me moving every time! Their other instructors are also rad.

Joan W.

Best Reformer machines I’ve seen in LA. I feel completely safe here. The trainers are excellent, the place is clean, well-lit, easy parking. I wish the classes were all day long!

Idee F

This place is amazing. I bought the Groupon for 10 classes over a month period. I have to admit, I was extremely frightened to attend the classes (anything with extreme in the name seems intimidating). However, while the classes are challenging, the instructors do a wonderful job of helping each individual student reach his or her limit. I’ve only been taking classes since September, but I can already see a huge difference in my body makeup and strength. What’s more, I actually feel relaxed and energized after leaving these classes. I’ve had classes with most of the instructors, and each is wonderful. I’m now taking three classes a week. I look forward to each class. Each class is different, never repetitive. Julie has been amazing in terms of customer service. I purchased a few memberships at once and she called me to make sure I hadn’t signed up or clicked twice in error. I cannot recommend X-treme Pilates highly enough.

Laura R.

Love this place. Instructors are energetic and very helpful.

Groupon Website Feedback

Great teachers who help with your exercise if you are not sure what to do. Great music, very friendly.

Groupon Website Feedback

Hi Julie, FYI – Saturday (1/19/2013) was our anniversary!! Can’t believe it’s been 4 years since my 1st Beginners class with you at PPM. I’m positive I wouldn’t still be doing anything like this if you hadn’t helped me build a foundation and kept it interesting (oh yeah – and injury free!) Thanks for your commitment to all of us at different places on our journey to fitness!

Jill H.